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Ease into Block Beginner to Intermediate

Ease into Block
Beginner to Intermediate

For those just beginning Block Therapy this is the class for you. After you have completed your 9 day Starter Package you are ready to take guided, interactive classes. Each class targets a different area of the body! Slow and Gentle, Great for people with pain! Learn the How and the Why! Understand Cause sites!

Fascia Master Class Advanced Level

Fascia Master Class
Advanced Level

This Class is for students that have been blocking regular for 1-2 years and want to be challenged. These classes will target specific injuries and health issues, especially repetitive strain injuries. We will get into the nitty gritty of our pain points. These classes will include Double +Triple Blocking, Blocking the Back, RipCore, Butt Sculpting, Feet+ Hands! This class is great for Athletes, Body Therapists, Blockers that want to take it to the Max!

Meditative Block All Levels

Meditative Block
All Levels

Learn a deeper more therapeutic approach to Meditation for healing pain and trauma! Focus is on Breathwork to find the still point between breaths. This class allows us to hear our cells for guidance and understanding. Great for improving sleep patterns and mind power!

Fascia Stretch + Flow Block-Intermediate

Fascia Stretch + Flow Block-Intermediate

Begin your morning with a Fascia Stretch prior to the Flow Block Class. Really warm up the whole body before settling down on the mat for a class of smooth transitions from one position to another. Almost like a slow dance with the block. Good for cold, stiff bodies that take a little bit to get warmed up 1st. This class is for students that know all the positions and are ready to learn to move from one position to another without getting up. (transitions) Gets Everything Flowing!

Body Realignment with Block All Levels

Body Realignment with Block
All Levels

These class will help you improve your posture and balance. Ultimately helping with fall prevention and proper gait. We will start out with the feet and work our way up the body for more correct body alignment! Each Month we cycle up the body to unravel Fascia adhesions! Great for creating better symmetry in the body. This class is for Everyone, however designed for the people with foot problems, bunions, hammer toes, flat feet, history of falls.

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