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Block Therapy FAQ's

Yoga allows us to access the available tissue and keep it open and spacious. Block Therapy goes further as it releases the tissue that has adhered to bone, thereby granting you more available tissue to work with and unfreeze the tissue.

If you feel an area going numb, it is because we are causing compression on the roadway for blood and nerve flow. Once we release the pressure the flow comes back, but I don’t recommend spending more than 3 to 5 minutes on any area if it is causing numbness.

Let your breath be your guide. The rule of thumb is, as long as you are breathing you are feeding and healing the tissue. If something hurts so much that you can’t breathe in a relaxed manner then you need to back off a little until you can.

Block Therapy is generally a safe body work practice that anyone at any age can do. However, in a few situations Block Therapy is not recommended:
For someone who is pregnant, it is the direct contact with the belly and surrounding area that should be avoided. The other areas of the body are safe to practice, ie., legs, face, neck.
Spinal Fusion
Because Block Therapy™ improves flexibility and range of motion in the tissue, it may cause complications to someone who has had their spine fused three vertabra'sin a row or more.
Serious Medical Conditions
For anyone with serious health concerns It is always important to seek medical advice before starting any new body work practice. 

Block Therapy™ is an exercise, therapy and meditation all in one. With it you are improving blood flow, increasing metabolism, working muscles and strengthening your heart. Block Therapy is a wonderful complement to any exercise regime. You will also find that post-workout recovery is much faster as lactic acid is removed faster and decreasing the time the muscles experience stiffness.

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