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January, February, March and April 2023

Accelerate your Goals with Professionally Guided, FUN, Informative Block Therapy Classes With Victoria
Certified Block Therapist/Instructor

Meet Your Instructor

Victoria Goodman
Certified Block Therapist and Instructor
AKA Fascia Master

Victoria specializes in reading peoples body fascia, from 4 full length pics. She quickly finds the cause sites to address!
Victoria uses her Customized Approach to Block Therapy, with clients, with Scoliosis, Stroke, Sciatic, Fibro, Arthritis and Body Transformation, with great success. 

  • Certified Bowen Therapist, Aromatherapist
  • CFA Certified Aromatherapy Instructor 10 Yrs
  • Certified as a Block Therapy Instructor
  • Certified as a Block Therapist
  • Victoria Celebrates 30 Yrs. Holistic Therapist! 
Victoria Goodman, Block Therapist/Instructor

Master You Health

Classes are in 4 week blocks. Core, Lower and Upper Body is covered in classes.

Mondays Breath and Block

Beginner Block
9am start

After you have completed your 9 day Starter Package you are ready to take guided, interactive classes. Each class targets a different area of the body! Great for people with pain! Clear, Concise, STEP BY STEP Instructions, Know where to place the Block exactly and WHY. Learn how to breathe diaphragmatically. Make the commitment to yourself, to Get into a Regular Block Class Routine and Feel Confident with your Practice!
Q + A Following Each Class for 10 min. 

Wenesday Beginner Block Classes

Meditative Block
8pm start

Learn a deeper more therapeutic approach to Meditation for healing pain and trauma! Focus is on Breathwork to find the still point between breaths. This class allows us to hear our cells for guidance and understanding. Great for improving sleep patterns and mind power! 

Thursdays Advanced Block Classes

Advanced Block
9am start

Are you looking for more challenge? Have you been blocking 2 or more years and want to take your Block Classes to the Max? Join the Block Masters Class and Revvv up your Results!
Blocking Bone for Adhesion Release, Double Blocking, Blocking the Back, Block N Cue.



"Thank you Victoria for the beginner block experience in your class.
I learned so much more about the importance of our body's fascia in functional movement and physical health.
As a past fitness instructor and personal trainer I'm impressed with the beneficial results one can get from using the block in so many ways from just lying on it in different positions!! "

Lori Bertoni
Barrie, Canada

"I have been doing block therapy classes with Victoria for a few years now. I love the meditative, relaxed state you get into when blocking. I’ve even been known to fall asleep on the block a few times during class! All the benefits of toning the body and releasing pain is amazing and it’s all something you can do from the comfort of your home. If you’ve never tried it before I definitely recommend joining Victoria’s online classes and getting on the block!"

Marissa Carrick
Barrie, Canada

"I absolutely love Victoria’s Block classes! She has amazing energy and changes things up regularly, keeping it interesting and fun! I always feel great after a class and feel a real sense of accomplishment. I was thrilled Victoria was offering online classes as I was having trouble staying motivated doing it on my own. Thanks so much Victoria!"

Cheryl Christman
Kenosha, WI

“There comes a time on the path of everyone who is doing deep healing and transformation that they realize they have to ‘get out of their head,’ and begin to incorporate the body, and more specifically the myofascia. When they do, Block Therapy is one of the best modalities I’ve found to assist them in their journey. It has made a huge difference for me personally.”

Eric B.Robins, M.D.
Urologist and chronic pelvic pain specialist
Los Angeles, CA

2023 Winter
Block Class Dates

Running from:
January 10 - February 2, 2023
and February 14 - March 9, 2023
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays. and Thursdays
Mark your calender

January - Tuesday 9AM
Beginner Classes
January- Wednesday8PM
Meditation Classes
January - Thursday 9AM
Advanced Classes
Class 1 - Jan. 10/23Class 1 - Jan. 11/23Class 1 - Jan. 12/23
Class 2 - Jan. 17/23Class 2 - Jan. 17/23Class 2 - Jan. 19/23
Class 3 - Jan. 24/23Class 3 - Jan. 25/23Class 3 - Jan. 26/23
Class 4 - Jan. 31/23Class 4 - Feb. 1/23Class 4 - Feb. 2/23
Feb/March - Tuesday 9AM
Beginner Classes
Feb/March - Wednesday 8PM
Meditation Classes
Feb/March - Thursday 9AM
Advanced Classes
Class 1 - Feb. 14/23Class 1 - Feb. 15/23Class 1 - Feb. 16/23
Class 2 - Feb. 21/23Class 2 - Feb. 22/23Class 2 - Feb. 23/23
Class 3 - Feb. 28/23Class 3 - Mar. 1/23Class 3 - Mar. 2/23
Class 4 - Mar. 7/23Class 4 - Mar. 8/23Class 4 - Mar. 9/23
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2023 Spring
Block Class Dates

Running from:
April 4th - April 27, 2023
and May 5 - May 25, 2023
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays. and Thursdays
Mark your calender

April - Tuesday 9AM
Beginner Classes
April - Wednesday8PM
Meditation Classes
April - Thursday 9AM
Advanced Classes
Class 1 - Apr. 4/23Class 1 - Apr. 5/23Class 1 - Apr. 6/23
Class 2 - Apr. 11/23Class 2 - Apr. 12/23Class 2 - Apr. 13/23
Class 3 - Apr. 18/23Class 3 - Apr. 19/23Class 3 - Apr. 20/23
Class 4 - Apr. 25/23Class 4 - Apr. 26/23Class 4 - Apr. 27/23
May - Tuesday 9AM
Beginner Classes
May - Wednesday 8PM
Meditation Classes
May - Thursday 9AM
Advanced Classes
Class 1 - May 2/23Class 1 - May 3/23Class 1 - May 4/23
Class 2 - May 9/23Class 2 - May 10/23Class 2 - May 11/23
Class 3 - May 16/23Class 3 - May 17/23Class 3 - May 18/23
Class 4 - May 23/23Class 4 - May 24/23Class 4 - May 25/23
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