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Accelerate your Goals with Professionally Guided, FUN, Informative Block Therapy 1 on 1 Coaching With Victoria
Certified Block Therapist/Instructor

Victoria showing a block move

Private Coaching 

Get Customized and Targeted Block Therapy Coaching based on Your Health History and 4 Full Length Pictures Assessment, I will see your Cause Sites & Develop a Customized Block Therapy Program that will Address your Cause Sites and Accelerate your Body Transformation! 

Online Coaching Programs
“Block N Sculpt” 

For Women over 50, that are Ready to Sculpt & Transform their Body.
1:1 Coaching, Fat Loss Plan, Nutrition & Mindset Reset.
12 or 24 Weeks 

Victoria showing the same movew on the otherside

Meet Your Instructor

Victoria Goodman
Certified Block Therapist and Instructor
AKA Fascia Master

Victoria specializes in reading peoples body fascia, from 4 full length pics. She quickly finds the cause sites to address!
Victoria uses her Customized Approach to Block Therapy, with clients, with Scoliosis, Stroke, Sciatic, Fibro, Arthritis and Body Transformation, with great success. 

  • Certified Bowen Therapist, Aromatherapist
  • CFA Certified Aromatherapy Instructor 10 Yrs
  • Certified as a Block Therapy Instructor
  • Certified as a Block Therapist
  • Victoria Celebrates 30 Yrs. Holistic Therapist! 
Victoria Goodman, Block Therapist/Instructor


"Block has definitely been life changing for me! I have been working on the Block for a year now, but have been working directly with Victoria for the last 6 months and doing 1/2 - 1 hour on the block every day. I have bad posture and some scoliosis issues, along with so many problem areas, especially in my neck & upper back. My posture is greatly improving and I don’t have the chronic ache in my upper back anymore. The curve in my upper back is lessening. I have lost weight, without changing my eating habits and have toned many areas of my body. I don’t feel the need for massage anymore as I am doing it for myself. I have noticed that my belly button is more centred now also. I love how a block class is very calming and meditative, perfect in the morning or evening! Victoria is very encouraging and knowledgeable, I greatly recommend working with her to change your life!"

Carol Thomson
Barrie, Ontario

"Victoria is so kind and truly caring.  I am confident if you reach out she will help.  Victoria works with you and helps get you were you want to be."

Heather Hanson
Barrie, Ontario

1:1 Coaching

60 minutes
  • Clear, Concise, Step by Step Next Steps
  • Check it out. Try one coaching session
  • Must have zoom app.
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12 Weeks of Coaching

$Free Consultation
12 x 60 minues
  • Lets Focus on Your Biggest Challenge
  • See your Changes in 2 Sets of Before & After Pics
  • 2 Body Assesments &     12 Weeks of Targeted Block Coaching
  • BONUS: Free Replay for each session
  • Must have zoom app. 
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24 Weeks of Coaching

$Free Consultation
24 x 60 minues
  • Complete Body Transformation 

  • See your Changes in 3 Sets of        Before & After Pics
    3 Body Assesments & 24 Weeks of Targeted Block Coaching

  • BONUS: Free Replay for each session  

  • Must have zoom app. 

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